Run like Ronaldo

ronaldo jogging in field

The Cotswolds is great place for runners with Tripadvisor’s best rated runs in Lechlade, Charlbury and along The Honeybourne line; but running is one of the top sports for knee injuries even Ronaldo needs Pilates to prevent and rehab injuries. Perhaps the best benefit of Pilates is alignment which enables better running technique; compare and […]

Lock down lumbar pain? Sit on your hands.

Lock down lumbar pain

Head, shoulders knees and toes, is where to begin. Correct head position is with the ear lodes in line with the tip of the shoulders and eye line into the middle of the screen when there is a fist gap between chin and chest. Shoulders are in the correct position when the hand is on […]

The Happy Gardeners Tickle Tum

Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don

Maybe Monty Don should take a leaf out of Alan Titchmarsh’s book, “a bit of Pilates and everything in moderation”.  Monty Don, like most gardeners, has suffered back pain. Tickle tum good posture. Good posture needs core engagement which feels like clutching a credit card between your buttocks while someone tickles your tummy.  This keeps […]