Lock down lumbar pain? Sit on your hands.

Head, shoulders knees and toes, is where to begin. Correct head position is with the ear lodes in line with the tip of the shoulders and eye line into the middle of the screen when there is a fist gap between chin and chest. Shoulders are in the correct position when the hand is on the desk and there is a right angle at the elbow joint. Knees have a fist gap between the back of the calf and front of the chair, when your back is pressed into the chair. Toes happy when there is equal pressure in all ten toes, the ball of the foot and heel, with the feet parallel and hip distance apart.

Lock down lumbar pain

Now we’re nearly comfortable its time to get up on your sit bones. Side your hands under your thighs, push the back of your legs into the palm of your hands and you pull the front of your pelvis towards your knees. Remember, avoid a sloppy bottom and lazy belly by clutching an imaginary credit card between your buttocks while some tickles your tummy.

Lockdown lumbar pain

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