“Civilisation impairs physical fitness.” Joseph Pilates

After thirty years doing a desk job, I understand how modern life in front of screens, bent over desk and stressed with deadlines, affects our posture.

It also impacts on our physical and emotional peace of mind.

At Cotswold Garden Pilates you can practise Jospeh Pilates antidote to our screen-fixated ways.

The entrance Cotswold Garden Studio is through a gate on the village green at Great Rissington; next door but one to The Lamb Inn.

The south facing glass studio has a close connection to the garden combines sunshine and fresh air.

The studio is small yet mighty with two STOTT Merrithew reformers.

In an uncertain future, The Cotswold studio is a positive, safe space to have an hour to ourselves or share with some else.

We know all what makes us happy and I want Cotswold Garden Studio to be one of those things.