What is Pilates?

Pilates is named after Joseph Pilates who developed  the low-impact exercise with focus on flexibility, endurance and muscular strength.  Emphasis is on balance through postural alignment and core-strength.

What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?

Pilates has the resistance and assistance of a piece of equipment called the reformer.  The equipment uses resistance of springs to make exercises either easier or more challenging.  The aim of the equipment is to help the body find correct alignment and allow the joints to move with ease.

What is the difference of STOTT Pilates to other Pilates?

STOTT Pilates is based on a set of biomechanical skills known as ”The Five Basic Principles”.  These principles empower better exercise technique.

Is Pilates cardiovascular?

Pilates is cardiovascular from an intermediate level however beginners need to patient.  The correct muscles must be targeted and precise start positions used; once this is familiar exercises become very cardiovascular.

Will pilates change the way I look?

Regular Pilates will change the way you look.  The focus on strengthening the abdominal wall teaches the stomach to lie flat.  Your posture will change as the large fluid motion of Pilates exercises lengthens short tight muscles that pull the body out of alignment.

Why does Pilates equipment look like torture devices?

The ropes and pulls of a Pilates reformer can make it look frightening but it’s just a moving yoga mat with handles and stirrups to guide your body into an ideal alignment.

How can a beginner get the most out of Pilates?

See your practise as a treat, a safe place from the pressures of everyday life where you can be present and focus inward on your mind and body.