Meet Robin
Meet Robin Harris

I created Cotswold Garden Pilates to be a safe space where people can take an hour to focus on themselves. As a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor I understand how posture and alignment can ease the pain and avoid injury.

Pilates strengthens body and to mind to make everyday life more enjoyable and help us all be our best. I want to tailor an exercise program for in in the Cotswold Garden Studio and there are a few things that help achieve this.

First it is good to hear any injuries, either past or present.  An understanding of your current lifestyle is also very helpful, such as if you have a desk bound job, or any active hobbies.  It’s also important to set a goal to focus your practise.

At the start of your first session, you have the option of a postural assessment to identify muscles which are either short and strong and in need of a stretch and those that are long and weak which need to tightened.