Online Pilates Classes
“Every moment of your life can be the start of great things.” Joseph Pilates
Online Pilates Man

Clients appear on the floor of their homes, offices, hotel rooms and even a warehouse.

Exercises can be modified to fit the smallest of spaces and often clients have limited space either side of their mat.

Some regular clients I’ve never seen because they leave their cameras off to save on bandwidth for other members of their household, or just because the room is messy, or they feel a mess.

Whatever the circumstances I am always impressed the determination to practise.

All you need is enough space to lie down and access to Zoom. Wherever you are if you have a Zoom connection you can have an effective low-impact workout to tone your muscles, strengthen your core and improve posture.

Online Pilates Any Age


1. Time and flexibility

With no travel time, cancellation fee and a choice of one hour or two half slots.

2. Routine

Pilates as part of your regular routine is beneficial to mental and physical health. On-line classes are easier to build into your weekly routine with either a one hour or two half hour slots.

3. Guidance and feedback

A client told me they could do the class just by listening to my instruction. This was the biggest compliment I have received as the challenge of articulating the intricacies of each exercise I spend a great deal of time planning. With the use of both detailed anatomical and visual cues, I like to guide you into each exercise and ensure you feel balanced as well as challenged.