Intermediate Online Pilates Classes
“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.” Joseph Pilates
Online Pilates Mat Work

Start your day feeling amazing.  Intermediate Tech-Neck Class Tuesdays 7.30am and Saturdays 9am.

Improve strength and flexibility with a three-dimensional workout and feel ab burn. Shorten weak muscles, strengthen tight muscles, relax and grow. With clear detailed cues this class is also great if you are looking to mobilise your spine, strengthen your core musculature and joints.

You know your body best and we all have different strengths and energy levels change from day to day. Most exercises have less challenging modifications that can be used as an alternative for when you feel fatigued or have specific injuries.

Each new client is asked three questions and the first is about any injuries past or present. This is useful to know as there may be some exercises or postures that need to modified. For example, with severe pain in the lower back its advisable to keep the feet on the floor for all exercises. Before and after each class I am on-line to answer any questions and discuss any concerns you may have there is always an email exchange before the first class.

I find the Zoom screen layout is best suited to a maximum of six per class, that way it’s easy to monitor the flow of the class and give guidance and advice where required. Microphones are switch off for the class to avoid unplanned interuptions but should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to put the microphone back on and ask.

Join me for an Intermediate Pilates Mat Work Class.

Every Tuesday 7.30am – 8.30am

Every Saturday 9am – 10am

Each class in limited to 6 people

Cost per class: £10

Click here to book and I will liaise direct with you via email to confirm the best day and time for you.

I will then confirm all payment details and on receipt of payment, you will receive an invitation via email for the Zoom class.