Private Online Pilates Sessions
“Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise.” Joseph Pilates
Online Pilates Any Age

Your private mat work PT session for yourself, or to share with those you choose.

Why choose a PT session?

  • To focus on a specific injury.
  • Achieve a personal objective.
  • Monitored progression, motivated and challenged at a pace that suits you.
  • New to Pilates and would like to familiarise yourself with the exercises.
  • Experienced in Pilates and want to take it to the next level.
  • Would like the flexibility to practise where and when it suits you.

What are the formats of private 1:1 or group sessions?

These can take whatever form you choose. There are now so many more options than an hour with 1:1 tuition. For many individuals and couples, it is an hour at a specific day and time that works best for them. However, some clients prefer to split their hour into two half hours sessions at flexible times. For many in Lockdown it has been a chance to connect with family and friends with two or three family or friends on one Zoom session. For other it may be a one-off to focus on a particular exercise or injury. What-ever the reason are benefits to a personal session.

Click here to book and I will liaise direct with you via email to confirm the best day and time for you.

I will then confirm all payment details and on receipt of payment, you will receive an invitation via email with your personal pilates session link.

Cost per session: £50

Please complete the first appointment questionnaire to support your class prior to arrival at your first session.