Your Pilates Hour
“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Joseph Pilates
Your Pilates Hour
“Pilates is a complete co-ordination of mind body and Spirit.” Joseph Pilates
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Cotswold Garden Pilates FAQ

Pilates is a great all over body and mind exercise.

Pilates breathing helps you stay present with deep energising breath into the lower lobes of the lungs.

Cotswolds Garden Pilates can be used a great first-time introduction to Pilates or place to build your practise.

Cotswold Garden Pilates is inclusive to all ages and abilities as a place to improve the body’s posture and strength while the mind relaxes from the pressures of the outside world.

From pain relief and injury rehabilitation to improved sports performance you will improve your mobility and balance with concentration on your breath, posture and muscle tone.

Cotswold Garden Pilates Studio

Putting you first

“Everyone is an architect of their own happiness.” Jospeh Pilates

There are points in life when we all feel like we need more control and energy, which is why it’s important you take time to put yourself first. The Cotswold Garden Studio is a safe space to take yourself out of your everyday environment and ensure you’re doing the right things for the right reasons; for decades I stuck to a rigid running regime to keep fit and relax, but the intensive use of precious few muscles and joints left me with a painful knee injury. Pilates made me realise the need for a balanced approach to exercise and life in general. 

Keep you active in the sports you love

“If your spine is stiff at 30 you are old, if your spine is flexible at 60 you are young.” Joseph Pilates

Pilates works on length and strength of muscles to maintain flexiblity. A focus on one specific sort of exercise can make some musles too short and so strong that they pull the body about of alignment and reduce flexibilty. The full body pilates work out enages smaller used muscles, especially around the core, which takes the strain off over used bigger muscles. Focus on the core improves balance to reduce wear and tear in joints.

Pilates works through all planes of movement when specifc sports can focus on just one. Pilates ensure the spine in flexed forward and extended back, flexed from side to side and rotates. This helps reduce injury as joints are prepared to absorb impact through a range of motions, especially when the body is fatigued. Pilates also helps reduce injury by its low impact exercises designed to improve technique and posture.