Couples Pilates Hour
Couples Pilates Hour

Couples, friends or family joint hour; putting both of you first. Either on the reformers in the studio or on-line these are four good reasons to exercise in pairs:

1. “The mere presence of someone else affects your ability to do an activity.” Zojanc

The presence of another person you know can boost your energy with-out you even realising it.  Even if you feel fully competent at Pilates having someone else you know and respect can improve your ability.

2. Shared goals easier to achieve

I teach a number of different pair combinations; couples and friends or mother and daughter. I’ve noticed how much all people who practice Pilates care about fitness and people are more likely to increase their effort when they have the support and encouragement of those they respect.

3. Bond

Joint exercise is an opportunity for connection. The rhythm of Pilates combined with non-verbal mimicry of a joint practice can make two people feel attuned to each other and bond.

4. Feel good factor

If this is your first joint Pilates class, or even your first class, then the challenge of a new experience floods your brain with the feel-good chemical dopamine.

Cost per session: £50

Click here to book and I will liaise direct with you via email to confirm the best day and time for you both. I will then confirm all payment details and on receipt of payment, you will receive an email confirmation for your 1-2-1 class.

Please complete the first appointment questionnaire to support your class prior to arrival at your first session.

Couples Postural Assesment

Postural Assessment Woman

I like to start and end classes lined up standing against the wall.  At the beginning of the session, you can feel which muscles are short and tight.  At the end of a session, you feel taller and able to take your improved posture out of the door with you.

To be there for each other postural assessment is often useful to build understanding of strengths and needs in each other.  Often is opens up discussion around common goals and quick wins.

The two reformers provide an ideal space for couples or friends to spend an hour together. This provides support and motivation as well as fun.

Being together for the initial postural assessment gives a greater understanding of each other and provides perspective for your progression.

Posture starts in the feet.  The postural assessment looks are the alignment of your ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and head.  To do this we take a side front and view to assess your strengths and weakness.  Some of the common postural traits are illustrated below.

Unclip Your Wings
Unclip Your Wings
Pelvic Tilt
Pelvic Tilt
Unknock Your Knees
Unknock Your Knees

Reformer and Mat Work

Pilates exercises performed on reformer apparatus and Pilates mat work exercises on a yoga mat are both phenomenal workouts for the powerhouse of ab’s, lower back, hips and glutes.

In just a few sessions you will see an improvement your posture and muscle tone with the feeling of increased agility and strength improved strength.

Both the reformer and mat work will tone down your belly as they work the deep abdominal muscles, often overlooked in other gym work.

The difference between reformer and mat work is how resistance is generated.

The reformer apparatus automatically gives resistance against the tension of springs. Your hands or feet are placed in straps which are connected to pulleys that work against the springs.

In mat work your body weight prides the resistance against gravity, and this resistance can be enhanced with the use of can be found with the use of a flex-band.


Cotswold Garden Pilates Reformer

Regular use of the reformer will give you a lean look as you gain long, strong muscles.

Reformer and mat work are both great core workouts, however, the reformer creates internal pressure to lengthen the spine, joints and muscles.  The intense focus on specific muscles in sports such as running and cycling or evening activities like gardening can tighten muscles which that reduces flexibility and results pain from an imbalanced posture.  The reformer gives a balance of strength and stamina that improves performance and reduces pain.

The reformer is a total-body exercise which builds on a stronger core to improves joint stability and balance. The focus is on muscles that support the spine; glutes, abdominals and hamstrings. Your spine will feel more flexible and you’ll see a much better posture in the mirror.  

The reformers horizontal plane of movement makes it ideal for rehabilitation  as its not weight bearing through the legs. This mean muscles can be strengthened in the legs with a wide range of motion on the knee and ankle joints without the pressure of body weight.

Mat Work

Cotswold Garden Pilates Mat Work

Like the reformer, regular mat work will give you a lean look as you gain long strong muscles.

Mat work focuses on working your leg, stomach, lower and upper back muscles. Without the support of reformer for alignment and balance your body will have to be ion full control. Mat work can often feel harder than the reformer because you are using your body all the time without assistance.